Collection: Seed Kits

Seed kits are a popular way to start your own vegetable or herb garden, even if you have limited space or gardening experience. These kits typically include everything you need to get started, including seeds, soil, and sometimes even containers or planting trays.

With a variety of options available, seed kits can cater to a range of preferences and gardening styles. Whether you're interested in growing heirloom tomatoes, spicy peppers, or fragrant basil, there is likely a seed kit available to suit your needs.

Our also offer organic, non-GMO, or heirloom varieties, allowing you to grow your own fresh produce that is free of harmful chemicals or genetic modification.

Not only do seed kits provide a fun and rewarding activity for adults and children alike, but they also offer a sustainable and cost-effective way to source your own fresh produce. With a little bit of care and attention, you can enjoy the satisfaction of growing and harvesting your own herbs and vegetables at home.

"These are fantastic! Mine arrived a couple of days ago and am absolutely rapt, way better than I imagined - thank you! And they're heirlooms so we can still get seeds from what we grow."

Julia R.

"Great Aussie Company. Efficient, good products & good service. Always look forward to my deliveries. Please support this great company."

Mary T.

"Thanks so much my seeds have arrived..well presented and labelled.. I know what I'll be doing this weekend super excited."

Donna O.

"Got my second set of seeds yesterday gave one to a friend... everyone needs these in their lives everything about this little business including the packaging thanks so much guys."

Ruth H.

"Thanks my second purchase through you love the effort you guys have given each and every seed type with pictures and instructions. Thank you so much, they are awesome."

Carissa T.

"So far I've had 100% success with these seeds, highly recommend and will use again... maybe, I want to learn to seed bank myself."

Dean R.