The Survival Pantry


A community driven food sharing initiative established in Oct ’23 that is helping people to get back to the old ways of sharing within small communities.

Our Inspiration

  • COST OF LIVING. Survival Seeds was born out of Covid-19 and the Survival Pantry is a product of the obscene subsequent rise in the cost of living which has left so many of us struggling to make ends meet.
  • FOOD WASTAGE. Australian households waste 2.5 million tonnes of food each year, or more than 4kg per household per week.
  • SOURCE LOCALLY. The world has undergone some drastic changes in the past few years, and we’ve seen how fickle our supply chains really are. The Survival Pantry has been set up as a way for the community to band together to share excess food with others in the area.
  • COMMUNITY SPIRIT. We live in a digitally connected world, but so many of us feel isolated and it is programs like the Survival Pantry which help to reconnect us to the neighbours so many of us don’t know.

The Details

  • Sponsored by Surival Seeds, but the local community deserve the credit for keeping it going.
  • Located in Highfields South East QLD on the corner of Clark and O’Brien road.
  • The Survival Pantry has inspired some others to set up the same concept in their local area. If you’re considering it, I would say to go for it – the positives far outweigh any negatives and it wasn’t difficult to set up. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.