Leafy Greens Seeds

Leafy Greens Seeds

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This curated set of 10 x Heirloom, untreated Leafy Greens Seeds are the must have kit for every home food grower.

They're easy to grow, require minimal space and being loose leaf varieties, they'll provide fresh produce for an extended period.

Wilting, expensive and often covered in chemicals, store bought greens pale in comparison to the freshness, taste and nutrition of homegrown produce picked fresh from your own garden.

* Detailed planting and growing instructions on each packet, plus a QR code for a comprehensive grow guide online! *

  1. Chicory - Italiko Rosso x 200
  2. Cress - Curled x 200
  3. Kale - Red Russian x 50
  4. Lettuce - Loose Leaf Mix x 100
  5. Mizuna x 110
  6. Mustard - Red Giant x 150
  7. Rocket - Cultivated x 300
  8. Spinach - Bloomsdale x 30
  9. Tatsoi x 170
  10. Warrigal Greens (New Zealand Spinach) x 20
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Customer Reviews

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emmanuel theron
Awesome seeds, fantastic service, lightening fast delivery, everything +++

I bought the medicinal seeds packet a while ago and absolutely love using those plants. Superb packaging, full of useful information. Stu (the owner) is super helpful and a very kind being. Overall fantastic service, will definitely buy again from Stu in a very near future.