Collection: Gardeners Gifts

Introducing the Gardener’s Gifts collection – an exceptional assortment of high-quality seeds and seed kits exclusively designed for the passionate gardeners and nature enthusiasts in your life. Our carefully curated range of products focuses solely on seeds and seed kits, providing an authentic and unmatched gardening experience that brings the joy of nurturing life from the very beginning.

At Survival Seeds, we pride ourselves on sourcing and providing an extensive variety of premium seeds, including heirloom, organic, and rare varieties from across the globe. Our seeds are meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality, viability, and ability to thrive in various climates and environments, giving your loved ones the chance to create their dream gardens, be it a vibrant flower haven, a bountiful vegetable patch, or a lush herb oasis.

Our seed kits are thoughtfully assembled and tailored for specific themes or purposes, making them the perfect gift for both novice and experienced gardeners. Each kit includes a diverse selection of seeds, accompanied by detailed planting and care instructions to ensure a successful and fulfilling gardening experience. From Winter Seeds and Seeds Kits to the Medicinal Herb Collection, our diverse range caters to every gardener’s interests and aspirations.

At Survival Seeds, we believe in the profound joy of watching life bloom from a tiny seed, and we strive to share that joy with our customers. Although we don’t offer tools or accessories, our unwavering commitment to the finest seeds and seed kits ensures that our products stand out as the ultimate gifts for gardeners.

Inspire the gardener in your life to cultivate their passion and transform their green spaces with the enchanting offerings from our Gardener’s Gifts collection – the perfect way to celebrate life, growth, and the beauty of nature.

"These are fantastic! Mine arrived a couple of days ago and am absolutely rapt, way better than I imagined - thank you! And they're heirlooms so we can still get seeds from what we grow."

Julia R.

"Great Aussie Company. Efficient, good products & good service. Always look forward to my deliveries. Please support this great company."

Mary T.

"Thanks so much my seeds have arrived..well presented and labelled.. I know what I'll be doing this weekend super excited."

Donna O.

"Got my second set of seeds yesterday gave one to a friend... everyone needs these in their lives everything about this little business including the packaging thanks so much guys."

Ruth H.

"Thanks my second purchase through you love the effort you guys have given each and every seed type with pictures and instructions. Thank you so much, they are awesome."

Carissa T.

"So far I've had 100% success with these seeds, highly recommend and will use again... maybe, I want to learn to seed bank myself."

Dean R.